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5 websites you tend to visit every time you are online

There are websites, and then there are SIGHTS. These are five of my favourite websites that I tend to spend the first couple of hours once I log in. P.S> These are excluding the social media lot.

  • Page 19 – A sub site of www.blinkist.com, Page 19 was formed with the belief that lazy readers don’t go beyond Page 18 of a non-fiction book. While Blinkist has the key learnings of popular books, Page 19 is a blog which gives you your daily dose of organisational inspiration.

    To visit Page 19, click here

  • Medium – A curated site of articles which drive you towards change for a greater good. I subscribe to Medium and look forward to receiving the articles I must read on my e-mail.  Well written, better curated, Medium is a must visit if you are looking for a different perspective on any opinion.

    To visit Medium, click here

  • ScoopWhoop or Storypick –  Similar to BuzzFeed, the stories here are more Indianised and hence relevant to the context in which I live. Largely read while browsing through Facebook, both these sites are a bank of information you like to read about but wouldn’t affect your life if you didn’t know.

    To visit ScoopWhoop, click here and for Storypick, here

  • MTVIndia Blog –  For all my possible Bollywood masala I have to, have to visit the MTVIndia Blogs. Here again, I depend on Facebook to link me up to the blog articles I want to read. I’ve never really been to the site directly.

    To visit MTVIndia Blog, click here

  • Brain Pickings – The ultimate on good books to read and anything interesting in the literary world. Superbly curated, if I had some money I would love to donate something to this site regularly. Good content deserves respect. Do subscribe to the newsletter, however, its not responsive and you would refer to read it on a tablet or a desktop, definitely not on your mobile.

    To visit Brain Pickings, click here

Other than the social media lot, do you have any other sites that you would recommend on my daily reading list? Do write in.