Bombay Mist

Every city has its unique characteristic. Some you remember, some you care to forget. But not the smell of this city. You land at the airport and before you get to feel the pulse of the city, its fragrance envelopes you.

Since the time I’ve opened my eyes, the only city I’ve relentlessly travelled to, on every holiday, was Bombay. There was something about the air of the city.  The salty, misty sea air.  

Over the years, the magical power to enthuse has disappeared. Its been replaced with the stuffy odd smelling air, probably induced by the rising pollution levels.

In obscure pockets, in lonely hours one can dig up that smell from memory or just walking down Nariman Point at dawn. It just hits you then. That salty, misty sea air.

Just wish someone could recreate that delicate smell, the salty, misty sea air, the Bombay mist.

Hope you are listening #GodrejAer.