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The top five things on my tech wishlist

I love gadgets. I simply love gadgets but I no longer have the time or the dough to afford or explore them. But these are the five things I secretly, deeply desire:

  • Moto 360  – I wanted this since I/O 2014
  • Mi Pad – The blue is so cool and a Cyanogen OS based tablet is a sure check
  • Kindle Voyage – After marriage, this seems the only feasible option to keep the reading habit alive. I usually read at night
  • Apple iPad Mini – I swear its just for the cool design apps you don’t get on Android and not, NOT the games
  • One Plus One 10,000 MaH power pack – Looks the coolest and will also ensure the above work on long weekends away

Are any of the above also on your deep desire tech list. Give me a shout out.


2 thoughts on “The top five things on my tech wishlist

  1. That’s a great list of devices to have, though I would never buy an iPad. And Kindle rocks, I have a PaperWhite and it’s been the best investment ever! Voyage is even better 🙂


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