Cafe Pranah :: An experience

I’m getting married in the next two weeks and all I can think of is food at Cafe Pranah. A year back, my dear friend and amazing chef, Rahul mentioned he’s opening a health food cafe. He went on to describe what it would be like and I patiently waited for it to open. As luck would have it, it’s walking distance from my new house and located conveniently on the main road of Ballygunj next to the Dhaba.

I’ve had the salads, the burgers, the juices, smoothies, teas and the papadi chat there and of course the oh so yum yogurt parfait! I’ve been lucky to have someone create the salad and burger for me as the exotic choices leave me wondering on what to take and what not. Pairing the dressings is as important, if not more, as choosing your ingredients. I’ve had the mixed veg patty (mind you, it does not contain potatoes!) with some lettuce and beans. For the dressings, I was suggested Thai curry and milk and pepper yogurt dressing. I still remember the first bite. The crunch of the lettuce, the softness of the multigrain bread and the delicious flavour with every bite. That’s what I’m longing for now.

Rahul knows his flavour pairings and makes the most tasteless food be longed for. Each of dressings is unique, unadulterated and memorable. I’ve also tried the olive jalapeño and the sweet chilli and mango dressing in its raw form.

For people who just want to relax with a book and a cup of tea it happens to be a lovely space. Reminiscent of a waiting area of a meditation centre, slow Buddhist chants float in the background.

Aesthetically done interiors and lovely selection of books helps you get the much required me time. A plus point is the outdoor seating area. In a crowded space, he’s managed to build an oasis of calm. A cute addition is a space at the entrance with dream catchers and tonnes of messages from visitors. If you happen to drop by,  do write your love.

All in all its a pocket friendly place with great food and a calming ambience which makes you wake up in the middle of the night craving for it.


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